Brain-tan Buckskin Courses

Practical and Theory Brain-tan Buckskin Course 8 hrs

Date:  December 1 2018
Time: 9am to 5pm
Location: YMCA-Camp Chief Hector (Seebe) - Eagle Lodge
Accommodations are available: Please book in advance. 

The empowerment felt while wearing a hand rendered natural garment can not be described.  What better way to honour the fallen animal, than with meditative hard work, resulting in a cherished heirloom.

Brain-tanning is a trade, that needs to be practiced with the same diligence as someone apprenticing to become a skilled professional.  No one should expect perfect results their first time, as practice does make perfect.  Learning the craft though demonstration and hands on practice can considerably accelerate your learning curve.  

Course Outline:

1: The hunt
2: Skinning 
- brain extraction
- tool making
3: Fleshing
4: Bucking solutions 
5: Graining
6: Rinsing and Drying
7: Brain and Ring
8: Softening
9: Smoke 
10: Wash

The technical steps of this course,  (graining, braining, ringing, and softening) will be covered with the hands on option. Their are not enough hours in this course to complete a hide (the softening can take up to 8hrs itself), but all the steps will be covered in theory.

To Bring:

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Handkerchief
  • Notebook and Pencil
  • Wear old clothes - dress for outdoor classroom time.  Indoor classroom time will be spent in Eagle lodge
  • Camp chair 

Price: $235 Includes the Brain-tanning Buckskin Step-By-Step Guide.
Deposit: $50 
Lunch: optional $10
To Book or ask Questions: Please e-mail

Brain-tan Theory Course 2 hrs.

Date:  TBA
Time: 6pm to 8pm

This course will give you the knowledge to tan your own hide. 

Course Outline:
  1. hunt: skinning and brain extraction
  2. fleshing and storage
  3. bucking and wet scraping
  4. dry scraping and pre-smoking
  5. braining
  6. ringing
  7. softening and sewing
  8. smoking and washing
Price: $75
Deposit: $20 
To Register or ask questions, please e-mail: